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What is Catenis ?

Catenis is an easy to use toolset for non-developers and developers alike, it makes building apps enabled with blockchain functionality easily. It runs as a “second layer” web services technology. “Second layer” means the platform sits on top of the base layer blockchain and makes the technology, and the user experience, better and easier to interact with. Catenis enhances many of the underlying services of the bitcoin blockchain while adding enterprise-capable features. Using Catenis makes building apps or integrating with existing apps faster, cheaper and easier

Does Catenis have its own blockchain ?

No, Catenis’ 2nd layer technology was developed to enhance the leading blockchain technology on the planet, bitcoin. It is the most successful and secure blockchain network while still being the only proven global production application period. It is 10 years strong without any security breaches and renowned for its cryptographic strength. The fact that Catenis empowers its users to build on the proven global Bitcoin blockchain makes the technology the superior choice for serious companies, developers and small business alike.

I don't know how to write code can I use Catenis ?

Yes, you need not be a software developer to use Catenis. There are 3 toolsets as part of the Catenis family of products: 1) Catenis Enterprise is the premier web services integration layer targeted specifically for software engineers. 2) Catenis Flow a drag and drop business process assembly pallet based on Node-Red. 3) Catenis Blocks a set of Gutenberg blocks for WordPress allowing easy integration with the blockchain for your online WordPress applications and sites.

How can companies benefit from Catenis?

Just as the Internet transformed the global economy, the decentralized secured peer-to-peer communication and trust afforded by our technology layered on top of the global blockchain opens up a world of benefits for all industries. We believe people want to do business with a greater sense of trust and security. Blockchain of Things customers are using Catenis to transform their organizations and the global economy by leveraging decentralization and more efficient business models.

What is Catenis' rapid adoption technology ?

Blockchain protocol tokens (bitcoin, ethereum, etc.) create a barrier of entry for companies to use the underlying blockchain. Some of the obvious challenges are: 1) Companies need continuously purchase bitcoins and maintain proper balances to use the blockchain. 2) Trusting their employees/developers with private  keys has proven to be difficult. 3) Loss of any private key would make an app or system attached to a public address useless. Catenis abstracts out all of the protocol tokens and provides a built-in public/private key management infrastructure eliminating all liabilities, barriers, and risks for companies and individuals. A more extensive writeup on this technology can be seen in a recent blog article.

I heard that bitcoin is slow, how quickly does Catenis deliver secured content ?

Most people when using bitcoin focus on financial transactions and conflate the speed of receiving transactions with the time it takes to log a transaction to a block on the blockchain.

Bitcoin transactions themselves average between 400 and 800ms (less than a second) when sending across wallets. Although Catenis relies on the underlying bitcoin transactions it works on a layer above bitcoin so content can be delivered peer-to-peer at the blink of an eye. Information logging on the blockchain is also  in real-time.

What type of data can Catenis transmit or Log ?

Catenis can log or transmit any type or size of content. Since Catenis sees all content as binary (zeros and ones) it is not limited in any way from delivering any type of content: text, songs, zipped packages we got you covered. Want to transmit a large movie or CAD files we can handle that. We do offer the ability to support and recognize different types of content encoding such as UTF8, Base 64, and Hexadecimal. It can even intelligently convert to each encoding type when the content is received.

Is transmitted content encrypted ?

Understanding that the blockchain is transparent and companies need security Catenis enhances the blockchain by adding encryption to all content transmitted or logged. All content in Catenis is encrypted by default using Perfect Forward Secrecy. All encryption keys are dynamically generated and owned by the receiving end. This means that only the receiving app or device can decrypt the content it receives. Only a hash of the encrypted content is stored on the blockchain so there is never any concerns with the blockchain’s public nature.

Does Catenis have a permission layer similar to private blockchain implementations ?

Yes, Catenis not only adds military-grade encryption, it also incorporates a technological advancement in public blockchain permissioning. It incorporates a powerful permission control system on top of the bitcoin blockchain to be able to allow or deny receiving of content or transference of Smart Assets. While devices ultimately are represented by bitcoin public addresses, information transmitted or Smart Assets transferred, across all endpoints are controlled by Catenis’ powerful permission broker.

Is Catenis open source ?

The core of Catenis Enterprise is a closed source product. Licensed like any other software product (ie: Oracle database, Microsoft Office etc.). However, open-source connectivity client libraries are leased in many languages. Additionally, Catenis Flow and Catenis Blocks are open-source and both use the underlying Catenis Enterprise web services integration platform. With support for all development languages it is easier for developers and companies to build applications or integrate existing systems with the global blockchain using Catenis.


What is the BCOT Token used for ?

The BCOT token is the utility token that powers functionality in Catenis products, the powerful blockchain 2nd Layer integration technology built by Blockchain of Things, Inc.

When used in Catenis, this token converts into internal Catenis credits which activate key system functionality including secure message transmission, blockchain data logging, smart-asset creation, and smart-asset transfers, enabling an incredibly powerful feature set for enterprises.

Who is BCOT Global Holdings ?

BCOT Global Holdings is a Blockchain of Things, Inc. company specifically geared to provide product sales and support outside of the United State to our international markets. It is the only entity authorized to sell Blockchain of Things products and BCOT Tokens globally.

Blockchain of Things, Inc. focuses solely on the local United States market. 

Is the BCOT token an ERC 20 Token ?

No, BCOT tokens are Omni Layer tokens.  Omni Layer is an open-source, fully-decentralized asset platform on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. BCOT tokens are the utility tokens needed to use with the Catenis technology, a software layer built on top of the most popular, most audited, most secure blockchain, Bitcoin. Other popular tokens on the Omni Layer platform are Synero, Tether and Maidsafe.

What is OmniWallet and Is it owned by your company ? is not part of our Organization.  The OmniWallet is a decentralized wallet that uses the bitcoin blockchain. If you lose your credentials (username and password) you will lose all of your tokens and any cryptocurrency you have received in your wallet.  The moment BCOT Tokens are distributed to our customers, we have no way of retrieving your wallet or your tokens.  Losing your credentials means you will lose all of your tokens. Your OmniWallet is your responsibility, owned by you and controlled by you. It should be secured and protected  accordingly.

What features or attributes do BCOT tokens have ?

• BCOT Tokens convert to Catenis Credits in the system and map directly to bitcoin transaction fees seamlessly
• They act as product service licenses which power all services of the Catenis platform and is required for the Catenis Enterprise to function
• They can be transferred peer-to-peer like any other crypto token.
• They are tokens that are created and transferred across the bitcoin blockchain making it one of the most secure tokens available to date
• Similar to any other crypto tokens then can act as programmable units of value

Are token buyers eligible for the Catenis Enterprise Pilot Development Kit license (PDK) ?

If you purchased more than USD 25,000.00 worth of BCOT tokens during the public token sale you are eligible for a one-yearPDK license. You have up to 3 years to claim the Catenis Enterprise Pilot Development Kit license. Licenses will be made available on a first-come-first-serve basis. When you are ready to start using your license, please contact us directly to start on the process of scheduling to receive your license number and to obtain the use of the product.

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